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Code Of Conduct Update: Username Changes

Hey peeps,

After a discussion in the staff forum we have agreed on the following guidelines when it comes to username changes:

1) Three username changes in total - If you are requesting a username change for a casual reason (ie just want a better name) then you can only do so for a maximum of three times during your membership. However, any username changes done for security reasons either by staff or requested by you will not count as being 1 change.
2) One username change every 6 months - If you wish to have your username changed then you cannot do so if it has been changed within the last 6 months. If you have had it changed then you will have to wait until after the deadline unless you have had 3 changes already. This once again does not include usernames changed for security reasons.
3) Two weeks for a username reverse - If you change your username then you will have two weeks to have the name changed back again if you decide you do not like it. You will not be able to change it to something else and must request for your old username back within 2 weeks of the username change occuring. A username change and reverse will count as a single change. This does not apply to usernames that are changed for security reasons.
4) New Members - New members are allowed one username change in their first week of membership without it being counted as a change. This could be due to security reasons (using a name that is used elsewhere or a real name), due to a typing error when registering or due to the name being confusingly similar to another member.

Note: Changing your username will not result in you losing your Full Member status. Do not use the self-delete with the intention of creating a new account just for the username. This will result in you losing your Full Member status and you will have to once again meet the requirements set out before applying for Full Member status. We do NOT promote people early, despite us knowing that they are a returning member and/or are who they say they are.
This has been added to the Code of Conduct.

These have been introduced to ensure that members will not abuse their right to change their username every so often resulting in both the members and staff having a difficult time keeping up with who they are. We have agreed that 3 changes are a decent amount for any member, and that the time periods allocated for another change or a reversal are fair and allow members to keep up with any changes.

If you have any questions on this then feel free to ask.
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